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Hexham & Newcastle Diocesan Pilgrimage

Travel on the official Hexham and Newcastle pilgrimage led by Bishop Seamus Cunningham.

Travel and Dates:

The main pilgrimage departs by Air on the 31st of July 2015 from Newcastle airport directly to Lourdes returning on the 7st of August 2015.


Tangney Tours is the officially appointed Tour Operator by the diocese to organise the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes. We work closely with the pilgrimage committees in order to provide the best possible packages for all pilgrims to travel to and from Lourdes.

Our package prices include the return flights direct to Lourdes, full board accommodation, transfers to and from the airport to your chosen hotel, all known government taxes and the full backup and support of our excellent Tangney Tours team. Download the forms below and send them in to secure your place.


Dear Pilgrims,

People of our country have for centuries, been a pilgrim people.  In the North East we are very familiar with pilgrims flocking to our Holy Island of Lindisfarne of which we are indeed very proud.  It lies there alongside those wonderful Northumbrian beaches, and the wooden poles that mark the walkway across the sand stand as reminder to us of the many people who have walked that pilgrim journey and those who still do it today.

As I write these few words having watched the BBC2 documentary Pilgrimage, the words of the presenter echo around in my mind, because Simon Reeve described pilgrimage as “a journey away from home in search of spiritual well-being”.

Well each year, we make a journey away from our home, to go to Lourdes and I invite you to join us, to become a pilgrim straightaway, by filling in your Booking Form, the first stage of your pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Together with people from all over the diocese we will journey together, away from home and hopefully we find that spiritual well-being, because our pilgrimage to Lourdes affords us that opportunity to come away for a while and spend some time in quiet contemplation, so that we can find that time to recharge our batteries and find our self-enthused, encouraged, supported and invigorated to live out our faith in the world today. 

Let us use this time of pilgrimage to help us come closer to the Lord, to come closer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, let us come to know ourselves a bit better and enable us to make new friends for life in our time together.  Let our journey together on this pilgrimage and find our spiritual wellbeing.

Fr Peter Stott

Pilgrimage Director