Travel to Lourdes for the Feast of the Assumption

Join us in Lourdes to celebrate this very holy day. You will have three days in Lourdes staying in the 3* star Hotel Beau Site (or a similar 3* hotel) on full-board accommodation. Whilst in Lourdes you will be able to participate in our full pilgrimage programme. Please note that the coach does travel through the night on this pilgrimage.

We have made a very special effort to ensure that a pilgrimage to Lourdes is once more available at under £400. We have included our excellent, high quality coach suppliers together with a great 3* hotel in Lourdes. One of our guides will also be available to assist you during your pilgrimage.

Itinerary - to be confirmed

13th - 17th August

A full spiritual programme will be arranged and the itinerary will be displayed on the hotel noticeboard.


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