COVID-19 and Travel Advice

Travel Advice and Tangney Tours Policy on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
(Updated 31 Mar 2020)

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With increasing coverage in the UK media and elsewhere concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we have decided to publish a short item with information on our policy, as we know many of you will have questions about how it will impact on any current or future bookings with us.

As members of ABTA and AITO, we are monitoring the situation and are being kept directly informed about UK Government policy and travel advice as a result of COVID-19 as soon as it is released. Any decision to travel is ultimately for our clients to decide. However it is clear that there is quite a bit of misinformation and speculation in the public domain and we believe we need to keep events in perspective.

ABTA says: "The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice is in relation to imminent departures and it is too early to say that your holiday cannot go ahead as planned. Therefore, customers with future departure dates will be required to wait to find out whether the advice changes and their holiday can continue as planned."

If your pilgrimage with us is affected, we will be in touch with you. 

As this is a dynamic situation we do not intend to publish all the facts here - but rather to give you the direct links where you can read more about the situation to help inform yourselves from primary sources, rather than via mainstream media.

Practical advice and guidance can be found at the following links:

Our policy on cancelling a tour:

If we have to cancel a tour following travel advice issued by the UK Government, you would receive a refund or the option to postpone.

If you wish to cancel a tour which is operating as normal, then please contact us so we can discuss the situation with you. The office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 09.00 to 17.00, Wednesday 10.00 to 17.00 and Friday 09.00 to 16.00.

In summary, we know that this can be a worrying time. Rest assured we will continuously monitor the situation as it develops. We will be in touch with you if your pilgrimage is affected.