Join the KHS pilgrimage to The Holy Land - MEMBERS ONLY

KHS pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Tiberias. Led by Lieutenant H E Michael Byrne KC*HS with a Spiritual Director throughout.

A pilgrimage is the human face of our commitment to our Order and to the people of the Holy Land. It brings us, literally, face to face with the land where Christ taught us all. The place names of modern towns and villages are the same, as we have known all our lives from the New Testament. We are brought closer to God at every place we visit, so that we renew our faith daily. That is what it does for us. What a pilgrimage does for those who live in the Holy Land and struggle to survive, sometimes in the face of hardship and adversity, is that it demonstrates they are not alone. Fortified by our prayers and support, and participation in their parish lives, we are all strengthened in our faith by our visits to them and our mutual example to each other.

H E Michael Byrne KC*HS


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