Join Lancaster Diocese to celebrate their 91st pilgrimage to Lourdes

Lourdes Theme for 2018 - "Do whatever He tells you"

Last year we celebrated the 90th anniversary of the first official Lancaster Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. This year we will celebrate another anniversary, not just with our own Diocese, but with the whole Church. It is 160 years this year since the events of Lourdes took place, and we want to reflect the celebration of this anniversary in our Pilgrimage this year.

The theme for the year is “Do whatever He tells you.” These words of Our Blessed Lady are taken from the account of the Marriage Feast at Cana, found only in St John’s Gospel.
Mary at that feast senses the distress and upset, the loss of respect and dignity leading to ridicule, that are heading the young married couples way, whose catering arrangements have not lived up to expectations. Mary is attentive to the needs of all people - she is listening to the Father’s plan who wishes to be re-united, through Jesus, with a humanity in decline. Mary knows that, without God, this world lacks foundation or meaning.

She now turns to her Son Jesus and acknowledges the poverty of the young couple. “They have no more wine.” We too, must first acknowledge and accept our poverty. We have no one else to turn to except Jesus, through the Intercession of Mary His mother and our Mother too. Mary gives us all the courage to obey the Word which echoes deep within us, she enables us to see that it is the Word of Eternal Life. “Do whatever He tells you.”

Jesus can respond to Mary’s request because she has opened herself fully to His path of trust. Not only is she His mother, she’s also His first disciple. We are all called to be His disciples. Mary trusts in Jesus because He came to fulfill the will of the Father.

So in 2018 a hundred and sixty years since Our Blessed Lady first stood in the Grotto of Massabielle, she invites us all now to come again, or for the first time, to Lourdes. There to renew with others our total trust in the Father’ plan in Jesus, through the Intercession of Mary Our Mother. There to be given the grace and the courage to; “Do whatever He tells you.”

Looking forward to seeing you all on Pilgrimage.

God Bless you.

Father Peter Sayer
Pilgrimage Director

Prices & How to Book

Staying at: Price Single Room Insurance
Hotel Eliseo £825 £215 additional £32 per person Book now 
Hotel St Georges £815 £190 additional £32 per person Book now 

Youth Pilgrimage

If you are participating in the youth section of the pilgrimage, please click here and fill in this form. We are travelling from the 19th to the 28th of July by coach at a cost of £595 per person.

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There will be a full spiritual Diocesan programme every day..

Travel Information

20th July 2018 - Flight from Manchester direct to Lourdes.

27th July 2018 - Flight from Lourdes direct to Manchester.

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  • 7 nights full board accommodation
  • The prices include the Lourdes Sanctuary Levy and diocesan administration costs
  • Transfers to and from Lourdes airport
  • Full Diocesan pilgrimage programme


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