Join the Cardinal on the 30th Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes

Lourdes Theme for 2018
"Do whatever He tells you"

My dear fellow pilgrim,

This year, the Westminster Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes celebrates its 30th Anniversary which coincides with the 160th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady to Bernadette which established the Shrine at which we congregate in Lourdes.
From its very small beginnings, the water we see today in Lourdes flows in abundance, like the many mercies bestowed upon us by God, through Christ’s sacrifice. The trust which Bernadette showed in responding to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s request, setting a place of pilgrim devotion in Lourdes, is a perfect example of the simple trust which we should also place in God as we go through life. Without this trust, the gift of faith bears little fruit. Humanity’s obedience to God lies at the heart of truly living out the values of the gospel, the message of which our hearts and minds should constantly remain open to receive.

“Do whatever He tells you” is the theme for this year’s pilgrimage. This instruction, brief and direct as it may be, was given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to servants at the Wedding Feast Cana where one of the great miracles at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, turning water into wine, was performed. Our Lady knew in her heart that she was the Mother of the Word incarnate, as she too had submitted by her response in the Magnificat, for God’s will to be done to her. Our Lady is the Immaculate Conception bearing witness to God’s will, and in his suffering and death, Jesus’ last moments were complete and total submission to the will of the Father.

Members of our beloved pilgrim family have gone before us to be at peace with God, their burdens of life lifted, and their sufferings over. They are testament to the need to live a life believing strongly and wholeheartedly in Him, and ultimately to concede to God’s will for us to one day be united with Him.

It takes courage to receive, commit to and believe in the power of God, and without resistance, allow God to be all in all. Rejection would yield the opposite of the intentions for the creation which He so loves. Please do listen to the carefully chosen readings and take back with you the wonderful experiences you will have had in Lourdes so that you continue to be faithfully guided.

During our time in Lourdes, and as we gather as a Diocese in prayer and celebration at the Grotto, may we travel together in safety and remain open to the many ways that His power can transform our world.

With every blessing,

Fr Dennis Touw
Pilgrimage Director

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