Nevers, the resting place of St Bernadette

Each year thousands of people from all over the world come on pilgrimage to Nevers to pray beside Saint Bernadette.

Going to Nevers means going to meet Bernadette Soubirous and be influenced by her and by the message she received in Lourdes and lived out in Nevers:
" Every human being is precious in the eyes of God ".

Join us for an express coach pilgrimage to the resting place of St Bernadette. This affordable pilgrimage gives you the opportunity to venerate her body and celebrate mass in the convent where Bernadette was a novice.

Itinerary - to be confirmed

Day 1

Morning departure from Westminster Cathereral (Ambrosden Avenue) to Dover for a P & O ferry crossing to Calais. Continue through to Nevers, with stops on the way.

Day 2

Celebrate mass in the convent where Bernadette was a novice and spend time venerating her body.

Final Day

Depart after breakfast and continue on to Calais for a ferry crossing to Dover. We are planned to arrive at Westminster Cathedral in the evening.


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